707.363.5205  •  info@sashapapadin.com  •  based in San Francisco/Sonoma

Sasha has over ten years of experience as a musician, songwriter, dj, producer and recording engineer. Every event that he djs is a collaboration between the client’s wishes and Sasha’s creative instincts and experience. From cutting edge pop and dance to modern lounge music and jazz/blues/rock, Sasha creates unique atmospheres for every type of scene and brings a fresh spin to each event.

He also serves as musical director for events, coordinating live music and sound with a large network of talented performers, and curates playlists for stores and companies seeking the perfect musical environment.

Sasha is available for music production/recording/engineering at his WALK A MILE STUDIO in Sonoma. Click HERE to visit the page for ‘1955’, the rock and roll band he plays in.